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We Care About You and Your Pet!

Deer Park Animal Hospital doctors and staff members have a great understanding of the importance of your relationship with your pets. We partner with you and honor your decisions regarding the medical care for your companion pets.


We try to keep the stress as low as possible for you and your pet during clinical visits and consultations. We strive to be a pet friendly practice, especially for cats, as we know the challenges you and your feline friend face during visits to the hospital.


Preventative care is very important for providing the best opportunity for your pet to have a happy and healthy extended life. We emphasize the importance of preventative care by offering our unique Healthy Pet Programs. Healthy Pet Programs are a package of preventative care services selected based on the pet's age and medical condition. Healthy Pet Programs provide the recommended services at a discounted package rate and allow for the payments to be made on a monthly basis. Healthy Pet Programs thereby allow virtually any family who wants to provide a proactive healthy life for their pet to do it economically and confidently.


Deer Park Animal Hospital has served the Southeast Houston area since 1974. These cities include Deer Park, La Porte, Pasadena, Seabrook, Baytown, Houston, Crosby, and more. Our voluntary compliance with the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association confirms our commitment to meet or exceed the standards of care for the top 20% of the veterinary hospitals in the nation.



Mission Statement:

We are committed to the highest quality health care possible for our patients and to the caring, considerate treatment of their owners, our clients.